Writing retreats for phds and researchers

16. august 2023
Writing retreats can make you a happier and more productive research writer Researchers at all st…

Forståelse og håndtering af din modpart i forhandling og konflikt

10. august 2023
Forståelse og håndtering af din modpart i forhandling og konflikt Det kan være en svær balancegan…

Argumentation and conflict management

10. august 2023
Argumentation og konflikthåndtering Hver eneste dag møder du situationer, hvor argumentation og k…

Psykologiske faktorer i forhandlingsprocessen

10. august 2023
De psykologiske faktorer i forhandlingsprocessen Forhandling er en integreret del af vores hverda…

What's the difference between proofreading and editing?

19. august 2022
When we write an important text that’s going to be seen by a wider audience or just a small but i…

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

17 August 2022
What is the difference between proofreading and editing? August 17, 2022 | By Cecilie Tejnø When we...

Tips on improving your presentation skills

11 August 2022
How do you give a good presentation to an international audience? Get concrete advice on how to...

Translation agency or freelancer - which should I choose?

1 August 2022
Perhaps you already have experience using professional translators? Maybe it's your first time ...

How to get a better translation

13. juni 2022
The four roles of the translator and how to work well with your translator. The invisible...

’Det lyder altså lidt Danglish’

2. marts 2022
Danes are good at English. A few years ago, we were even world champions at it according to the EC E...

Sådan bliver du en stjerne ved forhandlingsbordet

10. januar 2022
Do you feel confident in your role when negotiating abroad? Or do you sometimes get ...

The road to a successful presentation

17 December 2021
Even a seasoned public speaker can get nervous - and that's okay. Peter gets up on stage and s...

Kan man lave lige så god undervisning online, som når man mødes ansigt til ansigt?

28. september 2020
GlobalDenmark had to convert its courses to online learning in record time when the country closed its...

Feedback: a source of anxiety and learning

7 April 2020
How to make feedback a powerful learning tool, even during a corona epidemic. Feedback can be...

How to become a star international negotiator

20 March 2020
This article is for anyone who engages in negotiating in general, and international, cross-cultur…

5 tip on how to improve your English 

17 January 2020
Learn how to carry out a conversation in English  - even if you don't feel...

7 tips on great presentations in English

17 January 2020
This article is for anyone who would like tips on how to give a great presentation in a multicult…

Will machines conquer English?

7. januar 2020
Imagine you’re at an international conference. Delegates come from all over the world and there’s…

How to balance family life and a PhD

3. januar 2020
What are the key elements for a successful balance between family life and the PhD study? – lesso…

Theatre of the Absurd

26. august 2019
How words frame our minds and are used as instruments for political decision-making.

An intern's journey from university to the real world

27 February 2019
I'm studying English with a profile in Translation and Communication. I'm on the 3rd semester of my...


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