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Special offers

for PhD students who have attended GlobalDenmark’s
Academic Writing and Advanced Presentation courses

Personal feedback
on your writing

Let a writing consultant edit your text and provide feedback to enhance your writing.

Send us your draft text, and we will go through it with you. We will focus on:

  • correct language
  • style, choice of words
  • clarity of argumentation

The offer includes editing of 3,000 words plus 30 minutes of personal feedback at GlobalDenmark or via Skype with the consultant who has edited your text. You will receive the edited version of your text with our comments prior to our feedback session.

Offer price: DKK 2,950 excl. VAT

Personal feedback on your presentation 

Get constructive feedback on your conference presentation or presentation for your PhD defence.

Send us your slides and rehearse your presentation with us. We will focus on:

  • articulation and use of voice
  • clarity and structure of your message
  • your personal style and body language
  • layout and choice of visuals

This offer includes 3 hours of consultancy. You decide how you want to use the time.

We can proofread your slides or other visuals and/or give you personal feedback on your presentation.

Offer price: DKK 2,450 excl. VAT. 

Do you need proofreading or editing?

Ensure high quality of your written work, e.g. your PhD thesis or a paper for peer-review, prior to submitting it.

Our proofreading service is suited to well-written texts that need a final brush up.

Our editing service is suited to manuscripts that need redrafting before they will make a good impression on reviewers or evaluators.

Proofreading, editing and meetings with the author cost DKK 1,000/hour excl. VAT.

A 6,000-word paper would take around three hours to proofread, or six hours to edit.

Contact us

Reach out to us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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