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Advanced Presentation Techniques

A two-day course for PhD students

Advanced Presentation Techniques will help
you deliver a professional scientific presentation to any audience.

We work with you on your own presentation.
Our goal is for you to give a great scientific talk – and enjoy it.


This 2-day course is based on your own presentations, and you will receive personal guidance and coaching on your performance, including slides, language, content and overall effectiveness.

We will help you expand your comfort zone when talking to a variety of audiences, and we will teach you to create value for them.

During the course you will hold two presentations. This may be a “standard scientific presentation”, or it may be a poster or a slide you wish to present and discuss. The second presentation will be given on the second day – here you will demonstrate how your skills have improved. You will receive a recording of your presentations and feedback for you to study in private.

There is a week’s gap between the two days. This gives you an opportunity to think about and practise skills learned on the first day. In addition, it paves the way for preparing your second presentation.

Your own presentations constitute the foundation of this course. The instructor will introduce key principles,  tools and methods that you can apply immediately to improve your performance.

Focal points are:

    • Structuring a presentation

    • Clarity of message

    • Dealing with audience dialogue

    • Improvisation techniques

    • Articulation and language

    • Use of voice

    • Visuals, including slides

    • Psychological aspects such as nerves

    • Dealing with questions from the audience

    • Interaction with the audience

    • Peer feedback to achieve continuous learning
The course is open to PhD students from all disciplines and universities.

It offers a unique opportunity to build an interdisciplinary network of fellow PhD students.

Practical details:

    • You are expected to prepare an oral presentation (conference presentation, lecture or meeting presentation) prior to the course

    • ECTS credits: 2

    • Teaching language: English

    • Exam form: Course participation

    • Grading scale: Passed / not passed

    • Course workload: 50 hours / 2 course days

    • Course fee: DKK 6,500 excl. VAT.

Teaching and learning methods

Maximum participant activity in interaction with input from instructors. Hands-on techniques and models to be applied at the course and beyond.

Video recordings to be used for self-evaluation and analysis. Course atmosphere built on ambition and optimism.


Attending our presentation course will develop your competences in international, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

You will learn to use GlobalDenmark’s unique feedback model for cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary feedback.


    • AP 1 – February 20 & 27 (09:00 – 16:00),  online

    • AP 2 – April 9 & 16 (09:00 – 16:00), on-site (Frederiksberg)

    • AP 3 – May 21 & 28 (09:00-16:00), on-site (Frederiksberg)

Use the form on the right to sign up.

Remember to indicate whether you want to sign up for AP1, AP2 or AP3


“Thanks again for an effective presentation workshop.

Last week I attended a CBS workshop where we pitched our PhD project to a panel of judges.

I incorporated some of the learnings from your presentation workshop (scoping the output to the audience, formal introduction of myself and department, start and end with key message, using gestures (counting top three outputs with fingers), slow and steady, pauses). I got positive feedback on all the mentioned elements and got an award for best pitch.

So thanks a lot, for the powerful tools and for getting me to reflect on the keys of presenting.”

Georg Ørnskov Rønsch, Industrial PhD Fellow, DTU Compute and LEGO Group

Your instructors

The GlobalDenmark team has more than 90 years of combined experience in creating excellence in scientific communication.

Mark Harvey Simpson

Mark is a much sought after teacher and lecturer, and he is constantly working to design new and innovative teaching methods for high school teachers, researchers and top managers.

Ann Britt

Ann Britt’s background in natural sciences (she has a bachelor degree in molecular biology), English and history, is advantageous when translating scientific texts and providing language lessons to researchers.

Claus Adam Jarløv

35 years’ experience within scientific communication. Works as instructor and coach for scientific presenters and writers. Special focus on the psychological mechanisms that affect readers’ and writers’ minds within a solid linguistic framework.

About us

Since 1985, we have helped PhD students and other researchers communicate their research results to national and international audiences.

GlobalDenmark’s expertise comprises cross-cultural management, communication, cooperation and knowledge sharing, as well as text services and translation.

We have developed a series of unique tools, concepts and courses in English and Danish, specifically tailored to the university and research sectors. We work with PhD students, postdocs, senior researchers, laboratory and administrative staff and other knowledge workers working within research and innovation – both in the private and public sector.

GlobalDenmark’s instructors and consultants are expert coaches and trainers for PhD students and senior researchers. We understand the challenges of communicating research, and the personal feedback you receive from us will add valuably to your professional skills.

Collaboration with the
University of Copenhagen

GlobalDenmark is accredited by the University of Copenhagen to teach academic communication for PhD students. Over the past years, more than 3,000 PhD students from all the universities in Denmark have attended our courses. Most of these are ECTS eligible.

Awarded top evaluation by
the University of East London

In 2012, our two PhD courses were subject to a quality audit by the University of East London and received the “Quality Mark” (highest score). This certifies that our PhD courses meet strict quality standards concerning teaching methodology, teacher qualifications and course management.

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