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Academic Writing
A four-day course for PhD students

The course will help you write more clearly and productively in correct English
with a view to being published in scientific journals.

Write clearly and productively in English & develop your own text


Our academic writing course offer hands-on, ready-to-use tools and models for PhD students' writing processes. Attending these courses will have an immediate and powerful impact on your writing, regardless of your academic and language background.

Your own texts will be subject to analysis and feedback. You get to do writing exercises based on the different sections of a paper (e.g. abstracts, introductions, discussions) and exercises on strong writing style (creating clarity, flow and cohesion). Throughout the course, we will alternate between group writing exercises and plenary instruction, demonstration and discussion. We use peer feedback as a tool during the entire course.

Focal points are:

    • Efficient writing routines

    • Clear syntax

    • Targeted argumentation

    • Correct grammar and appropriate vocabulary

    • Insights into the mechanics of a scientific paper and its various sections

    • Constructive feedback from instructors and peers

Practical details:

    • You are expected to submit a text sample of your own making, preferably 'untouched' by others; in addition, you are to have read our guide on academic writing. This will be sent to you prior to the course.

    • This is an online course

    • ECTS credits: 2

    • Teaching language: English

    • Exam form: Active course participation

    • Grading scale: Passed / not passed

    • Course workload: 52 hours / 4 course days

    • Course fee: DKK 5,000 excl. VAT.

Teaching and learning methods

Short lectures in combination with active writing exercises, group discussion and analysis.


Attending our writing courses will develop your competences in international, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

You will learn to use GlobalDenmark's unique feedback model for cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary feedback.

spring 2024 courses:

    • AW 1 - February 21, 22, 28, 29 (online)

    • AW 2 - April 10, 11, 17, 18 (online)

    • AW 3 - May 22, 23, 29, 30 (online)
To sign up: 

Send an email to

Please specify which course you would like to attend.

In subject line of the email write "Enroll - AW February", or "Enroll - AW April", or "Enroll - AW May".

We will then contact you about your enrollment.


"Thanks to the Academic Writing Course I was able to write a proper abstract and got accepted for giving a talk at a very prestigious conference."

Paula Szymczak, Industrial PhD Fellow, Department of Food Science at University of Copenhagen

"Thanks for a great course! This was my first PhD course and you set the bar high. Just wanted you to know that you all three are inspiring teachers."

Asbjørn William Ammitzbøll Flügge, PhD fellow, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

Your instructors

The GlobalDenmark team has more than 90 years of combined experience in creating excellence in scientific communication.

Mark Harvey Simpson

Mark has over 20 years' experience helping researchers tell their scientific stories. He's a valued coach with a background in the natural and social sciences and is known for giving feedback that helps his clients grow their confidence and make an impact.

Ann Britt Donovan

Ann Britt has designed and run communication courses for over 20 years. Many researchers have benefited from her interdisciplinary background in molecular biology, linguistics (English) and history. Ann Britt teaches on our presentation and writing courses - and is an excellent editor of research manuscripts.

Claus Adam Jarløv

Claus has over 35 years' experience teaching scientific communication, and has a background in linguistics and psychology. Researchers benefit from his vast knowledge on tools and models that can make their work more successful - be it writing, presenting or collaborating in interdisciplinary and international teams.

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About us

Since 1985, we have helped PhD students and other researchers communicate their research results to national and international audiences.

GlobalDenmark's expertise comprises cross-cultural communication and management, coaching of individuals and teams, as well as editing services and translation.

We have developed a series of unique tools, concepts and courses in English and Danish, specifically tailored to the university and research sectors. We work with PhD students, postdocs, senior researchers, laboratory and administrative staff and other knowledge workers working within research and innovation - both in the private and public sector.


Collaboration with the
University of Copenhagen

GlobalDenmark has been accredited by the University of Copenhagen to teach academic communication for PhD students. Over the past years, more than 3,000 PhD students from all the universities in Denmark have attended our courses. Most of these are ECTS eligible.

Awarded top evaluation by
the University of East London

In 2012, our two PhD courses were subject to a quality audit by the University of East London and received the "Quality Mark" (highest score). This certifies that our PhD courses meet strict quality standards concerning teaching methodology, teacher qualifications and course management.

Portrait of Cecilie Tejnø - a skilled consultant, translator and Master of Science degree holder.

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