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Proofreading & editing

Our language consultants can ensure the clarity and correctness of your writing

Our translation agency also offers proofreading and editing of all kinds of specialist texts - from short sales texts to comprehensive reports, dissertations and scientific articles. You will always have direct contact with your consultant, so you can discuss changes and revisions to your text along the way. As our customer, you can be confident that your text will be made coherent, correct and relevant for your audience, with consistent language and use of technical terms. Contact us for a price on proofreading or editing of your texts.

How we work with editing/proofreading

Before we start

You discuss the assignment with one of our consultants and agree on how extensive the proofreading or editing should be. On this basis, you agree on a price and a timetable for the project.

Proofreading and editing

Our consultant then reads your text and inserts amendments with track changes or comments. We can do a purely linguistic proofreading, where we correct grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation and awkward wording, or a more extensive editing, where we also look at the overall structure, coherence and readability of the text. Your text will always be reviewed by a native speaker of the relevant language (English or Danish).

Personal contact and sparring

You will have direct contact with the editor/proofreader who is working on your text. They will always be available to answer your questions and discuss any proposed changes to the text in general. This service is of course included in the agreed price.

Proofreading or editing?

When our customers contact us for help with a text, they often ask forproofreading. However, sometimes what our customers are actually asking for is an edit of theit text.

So what's the difference between proofreading and editing? At GlobalDenmark, proofreading includes correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling errors and checking for consistency in headings, tables, figures and the table of contents.

When we edit, we take a more in-depth look at the text. In addition to the things covered in proofreading, we point out ambiguities in the text and check its overall coherence – so that it is clear and has a common thread. We ensure that you are consistent in your use of technical terms and that paragraphs and sentences are logically connected and have a clear focus. And we make sure that the text is generally easy to read. For example, by breaking up long sentences, deleting unnecessary words and repetitions or rephrasing sentences.

Readability is crucial to how the reader perceives your text and whether you get your message across. Editing ensures that your reader will easily be able to understand your points without having to fight through unclear language.

Generally speaking, proofreading focuses on language errors (grammar, spelling and punctuation), while editing also focuses on content, structure and argumentation. The goal of editing is readability and clear and fluent language.

We can help you decide whether your text needs proofreading or editing based on the purpose of the text, your timeframe and budget.

Our proofreading service includes:

  • Correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling errors

  • Ensuring consistent use of terms

  • Checking language consistency in headings, tables, figures and the tables of contents

Our editing service includes:

  • Correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling errors

  • Ensuring consistent use of terms

  • Checking language consistency in headings, tables, figures and the tables of contents

  • Identifying ambiguities or inconsistencies in use of terms

  • Editing the text for coherence and cohesion – this includes making sure paragraphs and sentences stay focused and have a logical flow

  • Editing the text to ensure readability and stylistic consistency – this can include splitting long sentences and deleting unnecessary words

  • Rephrasing sentences for clarity

  • We ensure the tone of your text matches your audience.


Why choose GlobalDenmark?

When you send a text to GlobalDenmark for proofreading or editing, it will be reviewed by one of our highly qualified consultants with many years of experience in editing and teaching written communication in Danish and English.

One of our consultants will also be your direct contact when we proofread or edit for you.  This helps ensure that the process is personal, flexible and efficient.

We have extensive experience proofreading and editing texts for public and private companies. As one of the few in Denmark, we can also help with editing scientific articles in both Danish and English.  We also offer translation services if you want high-quality texts in multiple languages.

Portrait of Cecilie Tejnø - a skilled consultant, translator and Master of Science degree holder.

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