Courses in
negotiation techniques

The courses focus on the linguistic and cultural challenges
that can arise during a negotiation.
You will gain both practical training and theoretical insight into the
negotiation process.

More than 35 years' of experience in international negotiation techniques

English is essential when working globally with international partners, both within your own organisation and with external partners abroad. Communicating confidently in English will make appear more professional and trustworthy.

But many feel insecure when using English in a professional context.

That's why Global Denmark offers courses specifically targeted at using English in business and other professional contexts.

The objective of the different courses is to enhance your English skills so that you are able to handle business situations with the same professionalism and credibility as you do in your mother tongue.

Our English courses focus on communication in business and other professional contexts, and are therefore based on the everyday situations you encounter in your work. The courses focus on strengthening your ability to collaborate in an international working environment and they include topics such as negotiation, chairing meetings, presentation skills and business English.


International negotiation: Government focus

This course will give you insight into both formal and informal negotiations and help you achieve better results when negotiating on behalf of a ministry, agenvy or a committee.


After the course, you will be able to decode signals and map where the negotiation is going.

Your benefits from this course include:

- Process awareness
- Analytical tools
- Cultural awareness
- Practical training


International negotiation:
Business focus

This course is for anyone who negotiates in English in an international environment on behalf of a company or organisation. The course gives you the tools you will need to bring home the best results.


Your benefits from this course include:

- The tools to succeed in international negotiations
- Training using real-life cases
- GlobalCompetence - a combination of professional, cultural and linguistic competences
- Maintaining and developing your learning

International negotiation is not just about English skills

An international negotiation situation is complex because it often crosses professional boundaries, cultures and languages. You need to be able to bring several skills into play simultaneously for the negotiation to succeed. It is therefore not enough to be proficient in the English language. 

The courses teach you how to interconnect language, culture and negotiation techniques, thereby giving you the skills to successfully lead an international negotiation. You will work with real-life cases and exercises that give you an understanding of how the techniques are used in the real world. 


A course in negotiation techniques increases the odds of success

GlobalDenmark's courses in international negotiation will challenge you both theoretically and practically. We work in a confidential environment, and use personal feedback to create meaningful and continuous learning and to give you the best basis for achieving success at the negotiating table. 

Our course are based on over 30 years' of practical experience in international negotiations and negotiation theory. So why not draw on our experience the next time you need to negotiate in an international context?

Tailor-made courses and coaching

Whether you are negotiating in an international environment within your own organisation or abroad, it is crucial that you are well prepared for the international, cross-cultural negotiating situation. 

At GlobalDenmark, we offer tailor-made negotiation courses and coaching programmes that are adapted to the needs of your company or organisation. Our concept is based on real-life cases that allow you to use the tools and strategies in practice. 

We can also advise you through an international project or negotiation process, depending on your needs. 

Tailor-made courses and coaching

Contact us for a tailor-made course adapted to your needs

Do you want to develop your international negotiation skills?

We work with companies and organisations from all sectors, and our course in negotiation techniques are for anyone who needs to lead or participate in negotiations in English, or who negotiates with international clients and partners. Our course participants include employees and managers in international companies and organisations, as well as officials in ministries and agencies.

Are you interested in a course adapted to you, your negotiating situation and the linguistic and cultural challenges you face? Then feel free to get in touch to discuss a tailor-made course or coaching. 

You can either use the contact form, send us an email at or call us on +45 33 86 29 30. We'll be happy to discuss how we can meet your specific needs.

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