Translation - GlobalDenmark


How we work

Before we start

You define the task and agree a price and timetable with our translator. The translator will be your direct and personal contact throughout the process – from start to end.


Your text is translated by one of our experienced translators with knowledge about your specialist field and about the specific type of text. The translator does all the necessary research to find the correct specialist terminology.

Quality assurance

The translation is reviewed by a quality-assurance team consisting of two translators; one native speaker of the target language and one native speaker of the source language.

Feedback and advice

We are always available if you have any questions or want to make changes in the translation after you have received it from us. Naturally this is all part of the service, with no more to pay.

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    Why choose us

    GlobalDenmark is a fixed supplier of translation services for a large number of public and private organisations.  We know the translation industry inside out, so we will always be able to advise you on the best solution. Our team consists of highly qualified employees  with vast experience of translation and everything it involves. When we do your translation, our translators themselves will be your direct contact person. This direct contact to the translator means you receive a personal and flexible service. Our experience, expertise and extensive quality assurance  guarantees high quality and an efficient process.

    Our team will make sure that your translation communicates exactly the message you want to transmit correctly and in a wording, style and tone that matches the recipient’s culture and background.

    We translate:

    • Press releases, newsletters, blogs, websites and brochures
    • Scientific and popular science articles
    • Annual financial statements, annual reports and CSR reports
    • Laws, executive orders, articles of association and contracts
    • Speeches and presentations
    • Reports and strategies
    • Statistics and questionnaires
    • Op-ed pieces and articles
    • Marketing materials
    • Manuals