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Professional English

Increase your English vocabulary and expand your specialised vocabulary within your field

Learn to communicate with accuracy and nuance in English

The course 'Business English' will provide you with the opportunity to practice your professional English and build a vocabulary of English technical terms within your specific field of work. By giving you a solid foundation in professional terms and phrases in English, you will feel more confident  working in an international environment.

Because the course is customised to a specific professional area, we only provide it as a tailored course for a specific group of employees from the same department or who have the same professional expertise. Perhaps you work in accounting and finance in an international company or at a university. Perhaps you're a salesperson with many international contacts. Or maybe you are an administrative employee in a specialised sector such as medicine.

You will gain

Words & Expressions Bank

During the course, we will build a customised "Words & Expressions Bank" containing the English words and expressions that you use in your everyday life.

Cultural understanding

You'll gain insight into how cultural issues affect communication in a cross-cultural context.

Practical experience

You'll have the chance to practice your English and receive feedback in a safe environment, giving you the chance to try out your new tools and be ready to use them after the course.

What we do

We work together to build your professional and subject-oriented vocabulary.

You'll have the opportunity to practice your English skills and learn to communicate more accurately and nuanced in the field you work in.

We tailor the design and duration of the course to your needs and resources. 

Who is the course 'Business English' for?

The course is aimed at groups of employees who share a common professional interest and who want to improve their ability to speak and write about their field in English.

The course is relevant for anyone who regularly has to give presentations, attend meetings and expresses themselves in English in a professional context, and who would like to have the same level of professionalism in English as they do in Danish.

A reasonable level of general English is required to participate.


Contact us for a tailored course adapted to your needs

At GlobalDenmark we always have fixed dates for our courses. If these dates do not suit you or if you and several colleagues would like to attend the same course, we also offer tailor-made courses.

For example, if you want to improve your English skills within your particular subject area, we can develop a programme that uses either group teaching, coaching and consultancy that is tailored to your specific context.

At Global Denmark, we have over 30 years' of experience teaching professional and business English to companies, research institutions and professional organisations. Use our contact form to the right or call us for a chat about how we can meet your specific needs.

Portrait of Cecilie Tejnø - a skilled consultant, translator and Master of Science degree holder.

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