Consultancy and training in managing and collaborating across cultures and disciplines

Culture can be defined as "something a group of people do without thinking about it".

Culture can be either a national or local phenomenon that creates a framework for how we express ourselves within a community. Our behaviour and how we interact with other people is governed by the culture to which we belong.

Culture is a subconscious experience of "us" and "them". Crossing the boundary between "us" and "them" is cultural understanding.

Culture is something that makes us feel safe if we are part of it. Here at GlobalDenmark we provide consultancy and training for professionals in management and cross-border collaboration.

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We provide courses and workshops at our premises in Frederiksberg or online, and we tailor programmes to suit you, your colleagues or your organisation.


Why not draw on GlobalDenmark's experience the next time you are attending an international event? We can advise you through an international project or negotiation process - depending on your needs.


Effective coaching is when you - and not the coach - find the right way forward. A good coach helps you identify what you need to do. Through practice and observation, your coach helps you maintain your progress and achieve your goals.

What we do

A culture can emerge locally within an organisation or even within a small department. There can therefore be many different cultures within a single organisation. This often comes to the forefront when several departments participate in the same meeting or work on a projec together. That's why we have atraining programme in meeting techniques, where employees from different disciplines and cultures learn to create more effective meetings and ways of communicating.

Cultural awareness is an integral part of all GlobalDenmark's activities. We teach Danes how to generate value outside their own borders. We also help non-Danes to work optimally with Danes. 

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Claus Adam Jarløv

Founder, Consultant, MA (Engl. | psych)

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