Translation cases

Arbejdernes Landsbank

Arbejdernes Landsbank is one of Denmark’s largest banks. We have been the bank’s preferred translations provider for many years. Our cooperation includes translation of the bank’s annual report, and this has to be published in English very soon after publication in Danish.
Arbejdernes Landsbank chose GlobalDenmark because several of our translators are particularly well qualified within finance and accounting and because we can make sure that these translators are available and ready to deliver a high-quality translation with consistent and correct IFRS terminology.
We’re also in regular contact with accountants from the bank regarding our terminology and style, and we administer an up-to-date database of the bank’s preferred Danish and English terminology. This secures consistent translations year after year.
We’d like to help you too with translations of your own annual report and accounts.

Aarhus University (AU)

We help boost internationalisation with professional English translations that help international staff and students at AU to access important knowledge and that give the university a strong voice in the international research.
Aarhus University is a complex educational and research institution with sound academic skills and a strong international profile.
We are permanent providers of translation services for several faculties and the administration at AU. Translations include research articles, websites and administrative texts. Our quality translations secure international clout for researchers from the university.
We also translate the weekly newsletter from the management team at the university. Thiss requires a rapid and flexible service so that all the staff and students at the university, Danish and foreign, can read the latest news at the same time. Therefore, we deliver translations of the newsletter on the same day at it is published in Danish.
We’d like to help you too with translations of newsletters, research articles, websites, administrative texts or similar.

Danish Business Agency

Translating Danish legislation into English demands accuracy and specialist insight into the area covered by the legislation. GlobalDenmark has extensive experience in translating legislation and we work with the Danish Business Agency on translations of Danish corporate law.
When an Act is amended, GlobalDenmark identifies where and what amendments have been made and then inserts these in the English translation of the Act. Our translators are always up to date with changes in the area and they maintain our databases with new Danish or English terminology. This means we’re always ready to deliver high-quality translations extremely rapidly.
We’d like to help you too with translations of your legislation and rules.