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Management coaching
at GlobalDenmark

Our coaching is based on your specific situation and the challenges you are facing. We will spar with you to help you move forward in your leadership role.

Effective leadership coaching is a collaboration between you and your coach

When you begin a management coaching programme with GlobalDenmark, we will start by identifying the challenges you are facing and your specific needs. You will then have a series of confidential sessions - in Danish or English - with an experienced leadership coach, and together you will discuss the problem areas, and develop solutions and action strategies that you can use to resolve them. 

We take a practical approach and use assignments and cases where appropriate.  During the confidential sessions, the coach will help you identify possible solutions to certain problems areas and give you the tools to act accordingly.  Our coaches will create a space where you feel comfortable working constructively on difficult issues.

The coach will help you express the challenges you are working on. And help you work on them until they are resolved. All the sessions are confidential, of course. We also provide you with specifc tools, and follow-up on issues with ongoing feedback. 

We might even develop a tailor-made programme for some of your employees or your whole team to improve communication and collaboration or to resolve any conflicts.

Our management coaching covers topics such as


How to communicate in a way that creates clarity and strengthens collaboration and job satisfaction.

Conflict management

How to react when conflict arises in the workplace, and how to de-escalate and learn from conflict.

Change management

How to deal with changes in an organisation and the resistance that often comes with it.


How to provide feedback that generates real value and that motivates employees to develop their skills.

Leadership across cultures

How to be a manager when many cultures are at play.

Management across professional boundaries

How to ensure that different disciplines are a strength not a disadvantage

A challenging haven

Claus Adam Jarløv has a Master's degree in English and Psychology and has coached managers from government agencies and research institutions for over 30 years. His starting point is the "challenging haven", which is a safe space where you and your coach can work together in confidence and where you can engage in a private and critical dialogue with each other. 

"Instead of pushing you out of your comfort zone, we expand your comfort zone. In this way, you will be able to bring your resources and competencies into play, even in difficult situations."
- Claus Adam Jarløv, CEO, MA (Engl. | psych)

The dialogue 

The dialogue is the cornerstone of our coaching sessions. It's directly tied to the specific goals and frameworks that we agree on together. Confidentiality is essential in order for a coaching programme to create value. We recommend a 10-session programme, which we spread over e.g. 5 meetings of a few hours' duration, depending on what is possible. When you make sign up for a coaching programme with GlobalDenmark, you will have a sparring partner you can count on, even outside the agreed on sessions.

In addition to management coaching, we also offer language coaching and a wide range of courses in areas such as cross-cultural management, presentation techniques and negotiation. All our courses can be provided in English or Danish, both in person or online.

Who can benefit from management coaching?

The target group for this type of coaching is anyone who works as a manager and who wants to develop both professionally and personally. Coaching could be centered around collaboration with employees,  your personal impact or a specific problem you are struggling with as a manager. Or perhaps you're interested in strengthening the culture and sense of unity at your department. Many of the people we have coached have an overall interest in becoming better at what they do. And we help them achieve just that.

Managers who come to us for coaching are often competent and resourceful. They have a professional and personal need to do things in the best possible way - both as the people and as the professional leaders they are hired to be. The coach's insight, empathy, experience and professional ability will provide you with the necessary space to ensure that you reach your goals. Written follow-ups after each session ensures that we stick to the agreed goals.

If you're an experienced manager, it can be valuable to receive feedback and new perspectives on your career and workife. As a young and inexperienced manager, you may benefit from talking to a coach with years of management experience.


"Talking about things, putting them into words and transforming conversations into action and behaviors is the ultimate goal of coaching. We have received great feedback on this over the years."

Claus Adam Jarløv, CEO, MA (English | psych)
Portrait of Cecilie Tejnø - a skilled consultant, translator and Master of Science degree holder.

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