English at work

English is and will remain the primary language used by Dames to communicate outside the country,
both privately and professionally.

One of our core competences is teaching people how to communicate professionally in English.

English courses for professionals

English is essential when working globally with international partners, both within your own organisation and with external partners abroad. Communicating confidently in English will make appear more professional and trustworthy.

But many feel insecure when using English in a professional context.

That's why Global Denmark offers courses specifically targeted at using English in business and other professional contexts.

The objective of the different courses is to enhance your English skills so that you are able to handle business situations with the same professionalism and credibility as you do in your mother tongue.

Our English courses focus on communication in business and other professional contexts, and are therefore based on the everyday situations you encounter in your work. The courses focus on strengthening your ability to collaborate in an international working environment and they include topics such as negotiation, chairing meetings, presentation skills and business English.


English in the workplace

If you regularly work with international customers and partners, it is essential that you are able to communicate clearly and understandably.


The English at Work course is aimed at administrative staff, such as secretaries, service staff, call centre staff, front desk staff and others who want to improve their ability to carry out oral and written communication in English with foreign customers, colleagues and business partners.

The course is very practical-oriented, and will provide you with a number of linguistic tools to help you improve your English level within your specific area of work.


Business English

The course 'Business English' will give you the opportunity to practise your English skills so you become more confident working in an international environment.


This course is aimed at people who work in an international environment and who may already use English on a daily basis but who would like to improve so they can feel more confident when speaking and writing. You will have the opportunity to practice your English skills and learn to communicate more accurately and nuanced within your area of work.


International negotiation: Government focus

Clear and salient communication is important when negotiating on behalf of a agency, committee or ministry.


This course will give you an overview of formal and informal negotiation techniques and train you in decoding signals, understanding where the negotiation is going and making decision that will best protect your mandate.


International negotiation: Business focus

This is a course for anyone who needs to lead or participate in negotiations in English with international customers, partners, etc.


A cross-cultural negotiation situation is complex and requires a balanced interplay between language skills, cultural knowledge and negotiation techniques. Bring proficient in English is not enough if you want to achieve international success for yourself and your company. It is crucial to be well prepared for the international and cross-cultural negotiation situation, and that is where we come in.

We use real-life cases and exercises to make you more confident in a negotiation. Our courses in 'International negotiation - Business focus' are aimed at both managers and employees who negotiate on behalf of a company.


Presentations in English

A course in presentation techniques is relevant for anyone who needs to present their knowledge and important messages in front of an audience.


For many people, being able to give presentations and speak in English is a natural part of their job when working in an international and cross-cultural environment. This course is relevant for managers, employees, researchers and teachers who want to improve their skills in communicating in English.

You will receive practical training in improvising and presenting short speeches and presentations in English. Your personal presentation technique will be developed through language workshops and personal feedback, where we will guide you and fine-tune your English.


Efficient meetings

Do you participate in too many meetings, in meetings that are too long, or perhaps in meetings that are wholly unimportant? Then this is the course for you.


Running an efficient and relevant meeting that generates real value for participants and the organisation itself  is not necessarily an easy task. Meetings easily become too long and occasionally pointless. It is important that participants are left in no doubt about the value and relevance of the meeting once it's over. That's why we've put together a course that gives you the tools to run a meeting that has value for all parties.

We provide

Courses and workshops

We provide courses and workshops at our premises in Frederiksberg or online, and we tailor programmes to suit you, your colleagues or your organisation.


Why not draw on GlobalDenmark's experience the next time you are attending an international event? We can advise you through the entire international project or negotiation process or just part of it depending on your needs.


Good coaching is when you - and not the coach - finds the way forward. A good coach will help you figure out what you need to do. Through exercises and observations, your coach will help you make progress and reach your goals.

What we do

Culture and language are closely linked, which is why we always work with what we call "the three languages" when communicating in an international context:

  • the language in which you think and understand the world, typically your mother tongue
  • the language in which you communicate internationally, typically English
  • the language your recipient uses to decode you

We work with English in a variety of contexts, such as presentations to an international audience, negotiations and English as a workplace language.

We can provide all our courses in Danish or English, and they can be tailored to you or your organisation.

Tailor-made courses and coaching

Contact us for a tailor-made course adapted to your needs

If you or your employees need to strengthen and train your skills in using English professionally within your particular field, we at GlobalDenmark can develop courses tailored specifically to your needs.

Our teaching is based on more than 30 years' experience in teaching professional English to companies, research institutions and professional organisations.

Use the contact form on the right, or give us a call - and let us find out how we can meet your specific needs.

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