PhD courses

All research dependends on being communicated in a way that generates value to investors, researchers and commercial interests.

In collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, we offer two courses in scientific communication; a course on presentation techniques and a course in academic writing (both in English).

Courses and special offers

Academic Writing
(2 ECTS)

This course will help you adapt your text to the relevant journals.


We work with grammar and syntax, with an eye to academic conventions, as well as methods to secure an efficient writing process.

Advanced Presentations
(2 ECTS)

This course will help you optimise presentations for conferences and your PhD defense.


We will work on preparation techniques and dealing with nerves and boost your enjoyment of presenting.


Special offers


We offer individual sessions within written scientific communication and presentation techniques.


We also provide proofreading and editing of scientific articles, presentations and PhD dissertations.


About the courses


Each course is worth 2 ECTS-credits and provides the participant with increased proficiency within written and oral research communication.


Each course is held multiple times a year.

We have taught over 2,500 PhD-students working within the areas of natural science, social science and the humanities.

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Mark Harvey Simpson

Senior Consultant, MSc

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Ann Britt Donovan

Consultant, Project Manager, MA

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Claus Adam Jarløv

CEO, MA (Engl. | psych)

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