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Cross-cultural collaboration

Culture can be described as “something a group of people usually do without really thinking about it.”

Culture can be a national or local phenomenon that encapsulates how we, as people, express ourselves within a given culture. How we behave and interact is dictated by the culture we belong to.

Culture is a subconscious experience of “us” and “them”.  When we cross the divide between “us” and “them”, we show cross-cultural understanding.

Being part of a culture makes us feel safe. If we are not part of the culture around us, we feel unsure about what to say and how to act. We also run the risk of not being able to successfully complete our tasks.

This is why cross-cultural understanding is so important. We offer consultancy and training in management and collaboration across borders.

How we do it

Cultures can develop within an organisation, and even within a smaller department. Some organisations therefore end up with several different internal cultures; something we often experience when several departments attend the same meeting.

This is why we have developed a course in meeting techniques that enables employees from different professions and cultures to hold more effective and efficient meetings and to communicate with more impact.

Cultural understanding is an integral part of all GlobalDenmark’s activities. We help Danes generate as much value as possible outside their own borders. We also help internationals get the most out of working with Danes.

Cross-cultural understanding is one of the pillars of the concept we call GlobalCompetence®.

Our services

Courses and workshops

Our open courses and workshops are held at our premises in Frederiksberg, but we can also tailor a course for you or your organisation that matches your specific needs.

Consultancy services

Why not draw on our experience the next time you need to prepare for an international event? We can help you with all aspects of your international projects or negotiations – you decide what adds the greatest value for you.


Good coaching is when you – and not the coach – find the right solution. The good coach will help you identify what you need to do. Through exercises and observations, your coach will help you stick to your plan and achieve your goals.

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