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Efficient meetings

Why do we have meetings? Is it to share knowledge, make decisions, or is to create value for our organisation or business? You can probably say yes to all of the above. But what are meetings like in real life?

Do you attend too many meetings, meetings that are too long and maybe even meetings that are irrelevant? Or do you sometimes feel that you’re not really sure after a meeting what the purpose of the meeting was and what decisions were made? If you can answer yes to the above, this is the course for you.

How we do it

You will learn how to hold the right meetings with the right people. You will learn how to hold efficient and effective meetings – either as the chair or as a participant – in an international or multicultural environment.
We aim at you saving at least 30-60 minutes every day on a better meeting culture at your workplace.

You will receive a diploma when you have completed the course.

Practical details


Date and time
New dates to be announced soon


Price per participant
DKK 4,950 excl. VAT

We also offer a customised version of this course.
Both online and face-to-face.

Give us a call: 33 86 29 30

What you get


You will learn techniques for meeting preparation – creating relevance and optimising time management.


You will gain experience in chairing meetings across cultures and how to ensure a common understanding of the meeting’s results.


You will gain linguistic confidence to contribute constructively to formal and informal meetings in an international setting.


You will learn techniques for giving feedback to colleagues that can contribute to better meetings.

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