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Ann Britt Donovan, Consultant

Ann Britt is responsible for planning and running courses on language and communication.

Ann Britt runs courses on:

  • English for administrative staff
  • English for Danes working in an international environment
  • written academic communication
  • presentation techniques

Ann Britt is also part of GlobalDenmark’s team of translators.

For many years, Ann Britt has run the course GlobalOffice, for administrative professionals, including secretaries and front desk office assistants who want to fine-tune their language and communication skills.

The course has a practical orientation and participants gain experience in using the skills

The course motto is: “Speak English and enjoy it”.

Ann Britt is also a vital member of the GlobalDenmark team that runs courses for PhD students.


Areas of interest:

  • Labour market
  • Sociology
  • Medical science
  • Urbanisation and housing
  • Education and learning
  • Culture
  • Ottolenghi cookbooks


Academic foundation

Ann Britt has an MA in English and history from Roskilde University  and began working for GlobalDenmark as a freelancer in 1998. She was hired as a full-time consultant the following year and is now responsible for organising and running courses in the areas of language and communication. Ann Britt also works as a translator and interpreter when she can.

Ann Britt’s background in natural sciences (she has a bachelor degree in molecular biology), English and history, is advantageous when translating scientific texts and  providing language lessons to researchers.

“In a professional context, learning a language is not just about conjugating verbs correctly. It’s also about communicating your professional message in a way that ensures you are understood in an international environment that may be far from Denmark in a cultural and linguistic sense.

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