Proofreading and editing cases

Technical University of Denmark DTU

A proofreading service to help PhDs publish

DTU has PhD students from all over the world who do not have English as their mother tongue, but must publish their research papers in English. Therefore, DTU Compute and GlobalDenmark have set up a proofreading service for PhD students to ensure that editors and peer reviewers don’t reject research papers because they are written in poor language. Proofreading a paper usually only costs around DKK 2000, which seems a worthy investment for ensuring a paper meets the linguistic requirements of journals.

Institute for Human Rights

Proofread this report in double quick time

The Institute of Human Rights needed a 60-page report on discrimination against Afro-Danes proofread. The Institute has a very competent staff of internal proofreaders, but suddenly time was of the essence. The report had to be published urgently and the internal staff did not have capacity. One phone call to GlobalDenmark and the job was done within the same day.

VIVE – The Danish Center for Social Science Research

Editing of research papers


Researchers at the Danish Center for Social Science Research (VIVE) use GlobalDenmark’s editing service prior to sending manuscripts to peer review. Our editing service deals with more issues in the text than our proofreading service – we often help authors to rewrite parts of their manuscript to address our comments on ambiguities or inadequacies in language, content, structure and argumentation.

Senior researcher at VIVE, Dr. Christophe Kolodziejczyk, describes the benefits of using GlobalDenmark to help with the final stages of editing a research manuscript:

“I’ve had the pleasure of having my manuscripts edited by Mark Harvey Simpson from GlobalDenmark on several occasions. Mark has helped me improve the readability and consistency of my manuscripts, as well as the logical consistency of my arguments. For one of my manuscripts, I had the opportunity of benefiting from Mark’s services for both the initial submission and the resubmission of the same manuscript. Both times the readability of my articles had improved greatly. For the first time I received a referee report commenting that the article was well written.”