Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Translating for the healthcare sector includes both research papers and handling patient information. Researchers across the globe are dependent on each other’s results. These results therefore need to be disseminated clearly and internationally. The Danish healthcare sector also needs to communicate globally and locally, especially with citizens who do not speak Danish.

Our many year’s of collaboration with various institutions within the healthcare sector as well as our many PhD courses in scientific communication mean that we have a high degree of expertise in the area of translation for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

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Vores oversættere

Tine Sjölin

Project Manager, Translator, cand.ling.merc

+45 3386 2936
Ditte Rosen Balder

Project Manager, Translator, MA

+45 3386 2937
Barbara Dragsted

Project Manager, Translator, PhD

+45 3386 2942
Simon Scott Palmer

Head of GlobalDenmark Translations

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Ann Britt Donovan

Consultant, Project Manager, MA

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Cecilie Tejnø

Consultant, MSc

+45 3386 2930

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