Economy and finance

Translating descriptions of complex investment instruments or financial relations requires more than linguistic expertise. It also requires an in-depth understanding of economics and the financial sector.

Economic and financial reports are often very technical and complex. However, the text should also flow and be grammatically correct. The use of terminology must also be consistent and correct throughout the text. GlobalDenmark Translations is headed by Simon Scott Palmer, an experienced chartered accountant and an expert in the field if financial terminology.

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Tine Sjölin

Project Manager, Translator, cand.ling.merc

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Ditte Rosen Balder

Project Manager, Translator, MA

+45 3386 2937
Barbara Dragsted

Project Manager, Translator, PhD

+45 3386 2942
Simon Scott Palmer

Head of GlobalDenmark Translations

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Ann Britt Donovan

Consultant, Project Manager, MA

+45 3386 2941
Cecilie Tejnø

Consultant, MSc

+45 3386 2930

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