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GlobalDenmark are specialists in international negotiation.
Our advice can help you succeed in international, intercultural negotiation.

Counseling in international negotiation

We work flexibly and can participate in parts of your process. Or we can literally stand behind you from start to finish in your international negotiations, wherever in the world it takes place. We can support you with the negotiating strategic considerations and planning, drafting various negotiation scenarios, so that you are well prepared for the situations that may arise during the process.

We can help with the cultural and language understanding so that you know how to behave and what words, concepts and terms are beneficial to use both in the official and unofficial negotiations and in socializing with your negotiating partner.In an international, intercultural negotiation process, the small details can determine whether you are creating a strong relationship and trust between you and your negotiating counterpart – and thus crucial to your success.

We offer you

Advice in selected parts of the negotiation process

You can involve us in the parts of your negotiation process where you believe it gives the greatest value.

We can stand behind you all the way

Yes, it must be understood quite literally. We can be with you from start to finish in the role you want.


Active and constructive meeting attendance in English – nuanced vocabulary, formal and informal


Technique for collegial feedback – continuous strengthening of meeting techniques in everyday life

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Why choose Global Denmark?

With over 30 years of experience, GlobalDenmark is specialists in cross-cultural management, communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. We help managers and employees at all levels succeed in an international, multicultural or globalized work environment.

Our unique insight into how managers, employees, scientists, politicians and diplomats meet with colleagues and partners across cultural and linguistic boundaries has enabled us to develop an effective and value-creating concept for value-added meetings that are particularly appropriate for use in an international, multicultural or globalized work environment.

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