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Academic Writing

2 ECTS-point

On our Academic Writing course we work with your own text.
Our goal is for you to publish your work in reputable scientific journals.

That’s what our students say

“Thanks to the Academic Writing Course. I was able to write a proper abstract and got accepted for giving a talk at a very prestigious conference”

Paula Szymczak, Industrial PhD student, Food Microbiology, Department of Food Science at KU

Who is GlobalDenmark?

Since 1985, we have helped PhD students communicate their research results to national and international audiences.

Our team of instructors are highly experienced at teaching research communication.

Over the past 10 years, more than 2,600 PhD students from universities across the country have participated in our courses.

Course description

This Academic Writing course increases your chances of getting your papers and proposals accepted.

You learn to:

  • Write efficiently
  • Assess text quality
  • Read and discuss logically
  • Analyse and synthesise
  • Master correct sentence structure and grammar in English
  • Use terminology and phrases appropriately
  • Comply with academic writing conventions
  • Benefit from peer feedback on your own writing
  • Cooperate in an international, cross-cultural team environment
  • Keep your “writer’s optimism”

Bonus: Learn to use GlobalDenmark’s unique feedback model for cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary feedback.


The course will help you write more clearly and productively in correct English with a view to being published in reputable scientific journals.

Your own texts will be subject to analysis and feedback. You will do a lot of on-site academic writing in small groups under the guidance of your instructors. Throughout the course, we will alternate between group writing excises and plenary instruction, demonstration and discussion. We use peer feedback as a tool during the entire course.

This Academic Writing course is quality-certified by the University of East London, which assures that the programme complies with rigorous criteria on teaching methodology and teacher qualifications. The course is also accredited by the University of Copenhagen.

Write effectively, and make it more likely that your work will be accepted and published. This 4-day course enables you to do exactly that through:

  • Efficient writing routines
  • Clear syntax and targeted argumentation
  • Correct grammar and appropriate vocabulary
  • Insights into the mechanics of a scientific paper and its various sections
  • Constructive feedback from instructors and peers

The course is open to PhD students from all disciplines and universities. It offers a unique opportunity to build an interdisciplinary network of fellow PhD students.


Practical details:

  • ECTS credits: 2
  • Teaching language: English
  • Exam form: Active course participation
  • Grading scale: Passed / not passed
  • Course workload: 52 hours / 4 course days
  • Enrolment: University Copenhagen website


  • Course fee: DKK 5,000 excl. VAT.

Who are we? What do our students say about us?

Our academic writing courses offer hads-on, ready-to-use tools and models for PhD students’writing. Attending these courses will have an immediate and powerful impact on your writing, regardless of your academic and cultural background.

Det siger vores kursister

About us

GlobalDenmark’s instructors and consultants are expert coaches and trainers for PhD students and senior researchers. We understand the challenges of communicating research, which makes the personal feedback you receive on our courses add valuably to your professional skills.

Our courses help you succeed in communicating your research results internationally, and across cultures and disciplines. Attending our presentation and writing courses will develop your competences in international, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Collaboration with the University of Copenhagen

GlobalDenmark is accredited by the University of Copenhagen to teach academic communication for PhD students. Over the past years, more than 2,600 PhD students from all the universities in Denmark have attended our courses. Most of these are ECTS eligible.

Awarded top evaluation by the University of East London in 2012

In 2012, our two PhD courses were subject to a quality audit by the University of East London and received the “Quality Mark” (highest score). This certifies that our PhD courses meet strict quality standards concerning teaching methodology, teacher qualifications and course management.

Other courses and services

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Special offers for PhD students

We offer proofreading and editing, as well as personal presentation training. And it’s cheaper than you think! Read more about our special offer for PhD students here.

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Advanced Presentations Techniques
2 ECTS-point

In the course, you will work with your own presentation. Read more about Advanced Presentation Techniques with 2 ECTS points here.

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Free events for PhD students

We regularly hold free events for PhD students on topics such as PhD project management, writing strategies and your PhD defence. Read more here.

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Kort tekst om underviserne og eventuelt deres kompetencer
Claus Adam Jarløv

CEO, MA (Engl. | psych)

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+45 3386 2931
Ann Britt Donovan

Consultant, Project Manager, MA

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+45 3386 2941
Mark Harvey Simpson

Senior Consultant, MSc (cand.scient.soc.)

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+45 3386 2939

35 years’ experience within scientific communication. Works as instructor and coach for scientific presenters and writers. Special focus on the psychological mechanisms that affect readers’ and writers’ minds within a solid linguistic framework.

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