Academic Writing (2 ECTS)

The course will help you write more clearly and productively in correct English with a view to being published in reputable scientific journals.

Your own texts will be subject to analysis and feedback. You will do a lot of on-site academic writing in small groups under the guidance of your instructors. Throughout the course, we will alternate between group writing excises and plenary instruction, demonstration and discussion. We use peer feedback as a tool during the entire course.

This course is quality-certified by the University of East London, which assures that the programme complies with rigorous criteria on teaching methodology and teacher qualifications. The course is also accredited by the University of Copenhagen (click here to read about our other accredited course, Advanced Presentation Techniques).


Write effectively, and make it more likely that your work will be accepted and published. This 4-day course enables you to do exactly that through:

  • Efficient writing routines
  • Clear syntax and targeted argumentation
  • Correct grammar and appropriate vocabulary
  • Insights into the mechanics of a scientific paper and its various sections
  • Constructive feedback from instructors and peers

The course is open to PhD students from all disciplines and universities. It offers a unique opportunity to build an interdisciplinary network of fellow PhD students.

Learning outcome

By the end of this workshop, you should see improvement in your ability to:

  • Write efficiently
  • Assess text quality
  • Read and discuss logically
  • Analyse and synthesise
  • Master correct sentence structure and grammar in English
  • Use terminology and phrases appropriately
  • Comply with academic writing conventions
  • Benefit from peer feedback on your own writing
  • Cooperate in an international team environment
  • Keep your “writer’s optimism”

Practical details

  • Course fee: DKK 5,000 excl. VAT.
  • ECTS credits: 2
  • Teaching language: English
  • Exam form: Course participation
  • Grading scale: Passed / not passed
  • Course workload: 52 hours
  • Enrolment: University Copenhagen website


Mark Harvey Simpson

Senior Consultant, MSc (cand.scient.soc.)

+45 3386 2939
Ann Britt Donovan

Consultant, Project Manager, MA

+45 3386 2941
Claus Adam Jarløv

CEO, MA (Engl. | psych)

+45 3386 2931